Ken Kemp, Chief Dam Safety Engineer

Mr. Kemp has more than 20 years experience in hydroelectric power generation, electric operations, geotechnical and hydrologic engineering, with demonstrated strengths in development of hydroelectric generation facilities; operation, maintenance and construction at hydroelectric generation facilities; project management as well as design and construction of projects; and asset management of generation facilities.

Mr. Kemp has considerable experience in federal and state level hydroelectric industry regulatory and legislative affairs. Mr. Kemp has owned his own consulting firm and also served as a consultant to the Department of Energy for Hydroelectric projects, chaired the National Hydropower Association Research and Development Committee, and currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Hydro Research Foundation.

He is a graduate of Stevens Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Engineering with a concentration in civil engineering. He is a licensed professional engineer.

Eagle Creek's mission is to create value for investors, employees, host communities and all stakeholders through profitable and consistent growth in the development, acquisition and safe, reliable operation of a portfolio of small hydroelectric generating facilities.