West River Facilities (VT)

Ball Mountain and Townshend
(Blue Heron Hydro) 

Eagle Creek is currently constructing new hydroelectric generating facilities on two United States Army Corps of Engineers flood control dams on the West River in southern Vermont.  These two facilities, a 2,200 kilowatt plant on the Ball Mountain Dam in Jamaica, VT and a 900 kilowatt plant on the Townshend Dam in Townshend, VT, form the Blue Heron Hydro project.

Both facilities have long-term contracts through the Vermont Sustainably Priced Energy Development (SPEED) program and will deliver energy to the utilities in the state of Vermont, helping those utilities meet their renewable energy requirements under Vermont's new Renewable Energy Standard.  The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has issued licenses for both facilities (FERC Project Nos. 13226 and 13368 for Ball Mountain and Townshend, respectively), and Eagle Creek has completed the permitting process with the Army Corps.  Construction of the turbines began in 2012 at Obermeyer Hydro, Inc.’s facility in Fort Collins, Colorado, and on-site construction work began in June 2015.  Project completion is expected by late 2015.  Together, the two projects will produce over 10 million kilowatt-hours of clean, renewable electricity per year.

Vermont Facilities Map

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