Swinging Bridge Minimum Flow Unit

Eagle Creek is currently planning the construction of a new powerhouse with a new turbine-generator unit at its Swinging Bridge facility in New York.  Similar to the unit added at the downstream Rio facility in 2013, this will be a mininum flow unit at the base of the dam, making use of water that is already released at the same location.  The current minimum flow releases do not pass through a turbine and generate no power; the new unit will result in over 5 million kilowatt-hours of clean, renewable electricity generation per year without altering river flows or reservoir operations. The project was selected by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) to be a part of New York's Renewable Portfolio Standard, helping the state achieve its goals for clean, renewable energy.

Eagle Creek has filed an application for amendment of its existing FERC license at Swinging Bridge to allow for construction of the new unit.  The application and all official correspondence will be available from FERC's eLibrary website: elibrary.ferc.gov. Search for filings by project number P-10482.  In addition, Eagle Creek is making available its major document submissions on this website.

  • Non-Capacity License Amendment Application (81 pages; 5.7 MB)
  • At the same time, Eagle Creek also filed with FERC revised Exhibit F drawings classified as Critical Energy Infrastructure Information (CEII) by FERC and therefore not available for public distribution.

Please note that this application is to amend the existing FERC license for Swinging Bridge which expires in 2022. Eagle Creek has separately begun the process of re-licensing the project. Information on that process is available at www.eaglecreekre.com/mongaup-river-relicensing. While the two FERC processes will overlap, they are separate and distinct.

Contact and Communications

If you have questions about the amendment process, please contact Jim Gibson of HDR, Inc., which is providing support to Eagle Creek during the process. His contact information is: