Marty Karpenski

Marty Karpenski

General Counsel

Marty Karpenski was with Foster Wheeler Corporation for over thirty years, most recently as President and CEO of Foster Wheeler Power Systems, Inc. This group focused on developing, owning and operating facilities in the energy and process industries. He also held various positions in the corporate law department and commercial divisions.

Significantly, he led the development of several large-scale projects including an integrated cogeneration and delayed coking facility for a refinery in Chile, two large-scale waste-to-energy facilities in the United States, and two hydrogen production facilities in South America. He has extensive experience in domestic and international large-scale energy production, refinery and process facilities in the areas of project development, finance, operations and corporate management.

In addition to his position with Eagle Creek, he also serves as a director and officer of Chattanooga Corp and has also been retained as a consultant to several major international companies regarding project development and other commercial activities.

Mr. Karpenski earned a BE in Chemical Engineering from Villanova University and a JD degree from Seton Hall University School of Law.