Mission, Values, and Vision

Eagle Creek's mission is to create value for our stakeholders - including the communities where we operate - through an ongoing commitment to safety, compliance, stewardship, innovation and growth for our portfolio of renewable energy generating facilities.

Values: Safety, Integrity, Innovation, Stewardship, Diversity

Our Values

Safety – We are committed to the safety and wellbeing of our employees and the public, through operational excellence and regulatory compliance.

Integrity – We uphold the highest ethical standards, and continuously promote trust and respect with our employees and stakeholders.

Innovation – We are always imagining what is possible.  By fostering creativity that challenges constraints and the status quo, we drive progress and profitability through novel solutions.

Diversity – We value our people as our most important assets. We succeed by fostering an inclusive and diverse team where all perspectives are encouraged.

Stewardship – We are committed to protecting our environment and our facilities. It is our social responsibility to provide a more sustainable environment for our communities and generations to come.


Our Vision

Through strategic investments in innovation, upgrades and acquisitions, Eagle Creek will become the premier North American hydroelectric and renewable energy company, playing a key role in the transition to a clean energy economy.